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FIGHTER – The Waiting + unreleased 4-Song EP [Digitally Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the recent remastered reissue of one of the best female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock albums from the early ’90s: FIGHTER‘s “The Waiting“, including as bonus tracks their very early 4-track demo EP with two exclusive songs.
Led by talented vocalist and principal songwriter Amy Wolter (we featured her solo album at 0dayrox some time ago) FIGHTER played arena style melodic hard rock plenty of hooks and melodies galore.
The distinctive element in FIGHTER’s style was the trade-off vocals between Wolter and male singer and drummer Sean Murphy. Dual vocals proved to work great for them and provided dynamics not seen in other bands of this ilk.
Not a single weak song on here, but a wonderful collection of superb tunes wrapped by a crystal clear production, now even more enhanced by a vibrant remastering job.
A MUST for female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock fans.
Only at 0dayrox

AMY WOLTER (Fighter) – Hit Me In The Heart [Digitally Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Fans of classy female fronted AOR already know this album: AMY WOLTER‘s “Hit Me In The Heart“. Long time out of print, now it has been reissued with a pristine, remastered sound.
Originally released in 1994 this album was overlooked by the big audience due the musical trend of those dark years for melodic rock music. Amy was co-lead singer for melodic rock band FIGHTER, a woman with a voice often compared to Pat Benatar, but more powerful.