FB1964 (feat. Johnny Gioeli, Ronnie Romero) – Dreams & Nightmares (2021)

It only takes a little look at the guest list for the third FB1964 album, ”Dreams & Nightmares”, to discover that founder / guitarist Frank Badenhop knows his way around the metal scene.
After all, anyone who can convince Johnny Gioeli, Ronnie Romero, Becky Gaber, Chris Boltendahl, Henning Basse, Liv Jagrell, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Bobby (Blitz) Ellsworth, David DeFeis, and Tim (Ripper) Owens to step up to the mic for a song or two has music knowledge and a contact list to envy. And that’s only the singers, for rest assured that listing all of the other ‘names’ involved results almost endless.
Not all is metal tough. We find a great mid-paced ballad on ‘7 Deadly Dreams’ where Gioeli show his credentials over a very melodious tune with strong guitar work too. Romero does a great job on ‘Guilty Conscience’, a metal tune yet very melodious with a classic ’80s atmosphere, where…