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FASTWAY – Trick Or Treat [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

“Sammi Curr is a Rock ‘N’ Roll nightmare. His fans wont let him die. He wont let them live…” Do you remember that line from 1986’s horror flick ‘Trick Or Treat’? Fun stuff with a couple of cameos from Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne.
Campy nostalgia aside, one thing about the movie remains outstanding all these years later — the FASTWAY soundtrack. “Trick Or Treat” has just been ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ by Rock Candy Records for all fans rejoice.

KATMANDU (Dave King of Fastway) – Katmandü [Japan Edition] Out Of Print

With the second Fastway album recently posted here in remastered form, one of you asked whatever happened with awesome singer Dave King after leaving the band. Well, Dave has been the vocalist for the punky / Irish Celtic sounding band Flogging Molly for more than 20 years and released their sixth studio album in 2017. But related to the musical style we love from him, after Fastway he formed KATMANDU at the end of the Eighties alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (ex Krokus and later Asia & Gotthard).
Signed by major label Epic the short-lived band released their only album “Katmandü”, a great slice of bluesy, soulful rocking tunes. This Japanese edition is far superior in terms of sound quality, a very hard to find CD pressing.

FASTWAY – All Fired Up [Rock Candy remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

For many even better than their great debut record, FASTWAY‘s second effort “All Fired Up” has recently been remastered by Rock Candy Records. And this is the kind of albums that really needed a proper ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ treatment, as the original CD press resulted awful flat. The vinyl LP always sounded great but the early ’80s transfers to CD were ‘cold’ and lifeless.
Just wait to hear this vital remastering, with all instruments / vocals coming out clear and huge.

FASTWAY – Waiting For The Roar [BGO Records digitally remastered]

Here’s another album requested from FASTWAY‘s palatable discography; the terrific “Waiting For The Roar“, the band’s third effort Digitally Remastered by BGO Records. According to times (mid-80s), Fastway’s management, the record label and band leader Fast Eddie Clark’s decided to drastically change the style for this 3rd album in favor to a more keyboard-driven American AOR sound. Produced with a...

FASTWAY – All Fired Up [BGO reissue from master tapes]

FASTWAY – All Fired Up [BGO reissue from master tapes]

This an album that deserve a place in your collection; FASTWAY‘s sophomore record “All Fired Up“. This was requested here on the blog in its remastered form. The album was reissued by BGO Records in a 2-CD pack alongside the band’s self-titled debut, but despite being sold at Amazon as ‘Original recording remastered’, it is not.However, on this double pack...

FASTWAY – Eat Dog Eat [US Edition +1] (retail)

FASTWAY – Eat Dog Eat [US Edition +1] (retail)

This was requested by one of you; the return of FASTWAY after 21 years outta the scene with “Eat Dog Eat“, and this US Edition including a bonus track. Darn, listening to this baby again I almost forgot how good slice of hot classic hard rock it is. Formed back in 1983 by Fast Eddie Clarke (ex Motörhead) and Pete...

FASTWAY – Fastway [Rock Candy remaster +7]

Perhaps one of the most overlooked albums in Hard Rock history, FASTWAY‘s self-titled debut digitally remastered & expanded deluxe edition by Rock Candy Records was one of the most requested CD’s on this blog ever. Featuring no less than 7 bonus tracks including hard to find B-sides and BBC sessions, these additional songs never appeared on CD before. UK’s Fastway...

FASTWAY – The Collection [Japan ed. remastered] (2011)

Formed by ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke (a guy so talented that Lemmy replaced him in Motorhead with two guitarists) and Pete Way (UFO founder and bassist), Fastway were a critically acclaimed band that never seemed to blowup to the success they deserved. Fronted by the incredible Irish vocalist Dave King, they had a power chord, riff laden, synth backed, fists raised...