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FARCRY – High Gear [own CDrip] (2009)

After the solid FARCRY comeback album some of you asked for the band’s stupendous debut “High Gear“, for many, the band’s best. Released by Kivel Records, the album is only available on physical format, and the existing digital copies floating the web are pretty bad. This is taken from our personal CD collection.
“High Gear” delivers pure melodic hard rock with that kind of hooks that takes you back to the second half of the ’80s combining the the finest moments from Firehouse, Harem Scarem, early Bon Jovi: clean powerful vocals and a killer guitar work, all wrapped by a glossy bright production courtesy of expert Ty Sims (Talon, LaValle).

FARCRY – Balance (2021)

After two critically acclaimed albums, Northeastern US rockers FARCRY dissolved in 2013. But founder guitarist Pete Fry resurrected the band with a refreshed line up and they are back 2021 with new album ”Balance”, released by AOR Heaven Records.
Faithful to FARCRY’s origins, the new material still is very melodic hard rock oriented yet more punchy, straight-forward, less keyboard filled and more guitar driven than before. ”Balance” makes justice to its title, melodic and at the same time powerful hard rockin’.
There’s lots of hooklines as well as quite versatile and mature songwriting. Just check out the hook-driven tracks “Stay Away“ and “Long Distance Love Affair“ for a first impression, or the emotional “I’ll Find A Way“ and “Chasing Rainbows“, too.
Definitely one of the best records recently hailing from America in the given genre…

FARCRY – Optimism (2011)

With the new FARCRY comeback album, it’s cool to revisit their previous album & review featured at 0dayrox back in 2011:
You don’t have to roam to the distant ends of the earth to find pure, undiluted melodic hard rock. Just look no further than FarCry, the band that dropped their critically-acclaimed debut back in 2009.
The band’s second album, “Optimism“, is finally here and they have really stepped it up, delivering some of the best sounding, heartfelt, straight-up melodic hard rock albums recently released.
“Satisfaction” is the perfect track to kick this album into gear. It’s an edgy rocker with a catchy melody combined with some slick guitar fills by Mr. Fry. The soft climb right before the solo has a very nice touch.
This leads into a very cool track called “Over and Over (Again!)”. This one is a bit more melodic enhanced by a strong chorus, some absolutely tremendous vocals