EXPOSURE – Matter Of Time [Digitally Remastered / first time on CD] (2020)

Among the many ‘lost albums’ being reissued by Metallic Blue Records, EXPOSURE‘s ”Matter Of Time” is one of the rarest. Exposure was a female-fronted five piece band hailing from Salt Lake City, and a quick look at the album’s cover art gives you an idea about their music style: this mid-Eighties AOR / melodic rock, with a synth-pop radio feeling all over, sweet melodies & catchy choruses.
A private release much sought after by collectors, the 5-track “Matter Of Time” was put out by the band in 1985. Now, a previously unreleased song from the same sessions, plus the 4-track EP they recorded in 1983 (under the name NightLife) are packed here, fully remastered obtaining a stupendous sound quality.
Bright keyboards / synths, processed guitars, electronic / Simmons drums are the motto here. Add the clean yet powerful lead vocals from Andi Schopper and you have a classy 1984-1985 product.
The good thing about Exposure is…