EXCALIBUR – The Bitter End [first time on CD remastered +10] (2021)

British heavy rock band EXCALIBUR who emerged on the coat tails of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) in the ’80s, got their 1985 cult debut 6-track mini album “The Bitter End” reissued through No Remorse Records.
The newly remastered version contains a selection of bonus material including the band’s 1984 ‘Back before Dawn’ demo, and the previously unheard original EXCALIBUR own mix of ‘The Bitter End’.
“The Bitter End” was recorded in March 1985 by Paul McBride (vocals), Paul Solynskyj (guitar), Martin Hawthorn (bass) and Mick Dodson (drums) at Woodlands Studios, UK with engineer Neil Ferguson, who went on to produce other famous artists.
This release is a recording snapshot of the band at their…