EVOLUTION EDEN – Audio Therapy (2020)

San Francisco, California has been home to many great rock and roll bands. While the city has always been filled with great musicianship and live performances, the strength of Bay area rock and roll lies in consistently great songs with the best perhaps being the hooky anthems created by AOR and Melodic Rock acts like Journey, Night Ranger, and Y&T.
Taking solid classic San Fran guitar rock and roll and loading it with catchy choruses belted out by powerful lead singers and driven home by massive backing vocals, those Bay area rock bands ruled the ’70s and ’80s and pushed forward an influence on bands from the area for years to come.
Just a quick listen to EVOLUTION EDEN‘s new album “Audio Therapy” it’s easy to hear that this San Fran quartet came up on the same rock and roll streets as Journey and Night Ranger.
These melodic, feel good tunes bring back Jack Blades & Co. sound to 2020, spiced with some early 90’s Bon Jovi as well.