EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE – Backtraxx [remastered +3] (2019)

Forming in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE released two strong albums for major Arista Records in 1990 / 93. The band recorded their 3rd effort in 1994 but were dropped by the label, and the tapes shelved. Finally in 2001 Perris Records released it under the title “Backtraxx“.
After hearing from fans that the CD was seemingly impossible to find, the band decided to release it again in 2019. Remastered by Bill Chavis for HighVolMusic with a new artwork and adding a few bonus tracks for their fans, once again “Backtraxx” gets a new life, and enters our music lovin’ lives.

EVERY MOTHER’s NIGHTMARE – Smokin’ Delta Voodoo [Remastered + bonus] (2018)

Great news for EVERY MOTHER’s NIGHTMARE fans as the group’s album “Smokin’ Delta Voodoo“, which was originally released in year 2000, has been remastered and will be getting re-released with bonus tracks by HighVolMusic on June 8, 2018.Originally including 12 tracks, “Smokin’ Delta Voodoo” contains some of the best songwriting from Every Mother’s Nightmare founder Rick Ruhl, freshly remastered by...