EVERDAWN – Cleopatra (2021)

Following successful tours in support of Queensryche and Therion, the New Jersey band Midnight Eternal went through a line up change while working on their second album. With the addition of Alina Gavrilenko on vocals and Mike LePond (Symphony X, et all) on bass, the band rechristened themselves as EVERDAWN, and the result is their new CD “Cleopatra“.
While press release tells EVERDAWN are a symphonic metal act, musically there’s much more in the background of “Cleopatra”. In fact, for our ears, this album is more melodic metal than anything else, with catchy poppy melodies and strong grooves, wrapped by a big production.
The album is a homage to the most famous and strongest Queen of the Ancient Egypt. However, and while here and there are mentions to her as in, of course, title track “Cleopatra”, it isn’t a concept, with tracks in a ‘song format’ and not only accessible, but also very enjoyable…