SILVER LAKE by Esa Holopainen – Silver Lake by Esa Holopainen (2021)

SILVER LAKE by Esa Holopainen is the first solo album of the Amorphis guitarist, a project that was in his head for years but it wasn’t until the dawn of spring 2020 when Holopainen’s mobile vibrated laboriously: it was Nino Laurenne, renowned music producer and owner of Helsinki-based recording facility Sonic Pump, who asked: ‘Esa, would it be the right time to start working on your solo album?’
Lead guitarists of celebrated bands often indulge in heady 6-string excess when it comes to their solo albums. Instead, Amorphis co-founder Esa Holopainen indulges in a wish-list of lead singers to grace his skilled compositions ranging from progressive to melodic rock, and the results are impressive indeed.
If the COVID lockdown era desperately needed a silver lining, “Silver Lake” certainly fits the bill…