ERIK TURNER – Demos For Diehards (feat Jani Lane) (1998)

In a similar fashion Jerry Dixon did with the ‘Hollywood Underground’, Warrant’s guitarist ERIK TURNER also released in the late Nineties his CD titled “Demos For Diehards“, with songs written for a potential Warrant album.
Half of these are co-written with Butch Walker (Southgang guitarist), one with future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer (who also play on it), there’s songs with Adam Shore who was one of Warrant’s lead vocalists when Jani left, etc.
But the star here is the late Jani Lane: he sings in three unreleased Warrant songs, and his performance is among his finest moments, even better or equal to the band’s first albums.
Despite its horrible cover artwork and the album’s title, this isn’t ‘For Diehards’ only, believe me, this is very good Eighties inspired material – among the best Melodic Hard Rock song appeared in the ’90s in America – with a pretty good sound quality too.