ERIC MARTIN – Eric Martin [Japan remastered SHM-CD] Out of Print

Eric Martin” is the self-titled debut by gifted vocalist ERIC MARTIN (Mr. Big), for many years hard to find and reissued by Universal Music Japan in their remastered SHM-CD 2016 reissue series. Unfortunately it’s out of print again.
Eric Martin, the man with the eternal babyface, achieved world-wide fame as Mr. Big frontman at the end of the ’80s, but the vocalist had a strong career before that. After playing with several bands in his native Long Island, NY, his moment arrived when his Eric Martin Band signed a deal with Journey management and Elektra/Asylum, who released their debut album ‘Sucker For A Pretty Face’ , also featured at 0dayrox.
“Eric Martin” is a treasure from the ’80s that no Melodic Rock / AOR enthusiast should be without. You have Steve Lukather, Randy Jackson, etc playing here, make no mistake. This Japanese SHM-CD sounds punchy & bright, and really worth hunt down at least for an used copy.

ERIC MARTIN BAND – Sucker For A Pretty Face [Rock Candy remastered +5]

The first, major label solo debut of Mr. Big’s terrific vocalist Eric Martin has just been ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, featuring 5 bonus tracks. In fact, this “Sucker For A Pretty Face” was the debut of his ERIC MARTIN BAND, originally named ‘415’.
Although the name Eric Martin is synonymous with the platinum selling melodic hard band rock band Mr. Big, there was a time when he was just another struggling singer, one of many trying to get a shot at the big time.
Eric’s calling card was, and still is, a one in a million voice; a golden rasp blessed with a silky smooth delivery that would eventually establish him as a contender for serious chart action.
A must for ’80s US Melodic Rock fans, Eric Martin Band’s “Sucker For A Pretty Face” is plenty of hooky rockers highlighting Eric’s awesome vocals.
The sound quality of this Rock Candy remaster is pretty impressive, featuring 5 bonus tracks including the studio track ‘Stop in the Name of Love’ plus 4 tracks recorded live at the ’83 Hawaii gig, also with a really good sound.

ERIC MARTIN – I’m Only Fooling Myself [Rock Candy remaster]

Here’s another request – and I scratch my head thinking why this great album wasn’t featured here before… ERIC MARTIN‘s second solo album “I’m Only Fooling Myself” recorded before he joined MR. BIG. This is terrific ’80s AOR album including the ‘who’s who’ from the L.A. session musician scene. And this is the first time appeared on CD, remastered by Rock Candy Records specialists.
While production is top notch, I always found the original release a bit flat in terms of sound. This Rock Candy remaster revitalized all levels and brightness. There’s a world of difference between this pristine remaster and the slightly flat sounding original LP / cassette release.
Truly one of the greatest ‘solo artist’ AOR albums of the second half of the ’80s from unquestionably one of the world’s most revered Rock vocalists.

ERIC MARTIN – Over Japan [2xCD Japanese only release]

As requested, here’s the Japan-only release ”Over Japan”, from Mr. Big’s vocalist ERIC MARTIN, recorded over a tour the singer did in Japan as solo artist, including the late Mr. Big Pat Torpey (RIP) into the line-up.
Over the track list Martin revisits songs from his early solo career like ‘Sucker For A Pretty Face’, and Mr. Big classic such as Alive And Kickin’, Ain’t Seen Love Like That, Take Cover, etc.
Many of these songs never were heard this way, and I love it.

ERIC MARTIN – Mr. Rock Vocalist [Japan only release] full

Mr. Big’s vocalist ERIC MARTIN has been recording several albums in Japan during the last twenty years covering hit songs of bands from the land of the rising sun, mostly including pop numbers and even a Christmas CD. But this time Eric (and his label) have chosen to version Rock songs – the style we all want to hear from him...

PERTICONE (feat. Eric Martin) – Underdog (2020)

Hailing from South America, PERTICONE is the solo project of vocalist / musician Martin Perticone, member – among others – of Eric Martin’s touring band. The Mr. Big vocalist sings leads and made a duet with Perticone, and other melodic rock related musicians are also collaborating such as Charlie Giardina (Flamedown, Watchmen).
Perticone’s debut album “Underdog” is influenced by late ’80s / early ’90s American melodic hard rock scene with a radio friendly approach and a very good, bright production.

MR. BIG – Live From Milan [Japan Edition 3-CD exclusive bonus disc] (2018)

Following the release of their last studio album ‘Defying Gravity’, MR. BIG set out on a tour that took them all over the world to promote the new release in a live setting. “Live From Milan” documents it, in this Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus disc; “Japan 2017 Official Bootleg,” featuring over 60 minutes of selected live tracks from...

MR. BIG – Defying Gravity (2017)

MR. BIG – Defying Gravity (2017)

On the 21th of July, supergroup MR. BIG will be releasing their ninth album titled “Defying Gravity” on Frontiers Music. This album features the four original members – Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitars), Billy Sheehan (bass) and Pat Torpey (drums). They even brought back producer Kevin Elson (who has worked on the band’s most successful albums like ‘Bump Ahead’...

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

Warner Music Group has put together a very interesting compilation titled “Hard Rock Beyond the Hits“, comprising some really good ‘inside tracks’ taken from albums of artists from their back catalog.These are songs that never were hits but many certainly deserved that status. Indeed, most of the bands featured here were multi-platinum sellers, but the idea was to feature songs...

ERIC MARTIN – Love Is Alive, Works Of 1985-2010 [Japan only release]

After ERIC MARTIN self-titled post here someone asked for this hard to find, Japan-Only album titled “Love Is Alive 〜Works of 1985-2010〜“. Released to celebrate his 25th Anniversary as a solo singer and for the Asian fans as a ‘thank you’ for the support all over the years (Martin is a star in Japan). “Love Is Alive 〜Works of 1985-2010〜”...

Mr. BIG – Hey Man [Japanese Remastered SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print

Many asked to complete the MR. BIG four first albums Japanese campaign from some years ago, Remastered on SHM-CD and with bonus tracks, now out of print. “Hey Man” was Mr. Big’s fourth album, considered by some the ‘black sheep’ in their discography, but it’s a really good record in its own right. Released in 1996, perhaps the title of...

Mr. BIG – Bump Ahead [Japanese Remastered SHM-CD LTD Release +3] Out Of Print

Many asked to complete the MR. BIG four first albums Japanese campaign from some years ago, Remastered on SHM-CD and with bonus tracks, now out of print. “Bump Ahead“, Mr. Big’s third effort, is, in my book, their masterpiece. After the success of the previous album and its world-wide hit To Be With You, it would be easy for Mr....

Mr. BIG – Mr. Big [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD +3] [Limited Release]

Many asked to complete the MR. BIG four first albums Japanese campaign from some years ago, Remastered on SHM-CD and with bonus tracks. Let’s go with their tremendous debut, the self-titled “Mr. Big“. It was all the rage at the time. It was what made Winger into a hit-producing machine. It was simple: take a couple of total shredmaster ultra...

Mr. BIG – Lean Into It [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print

MR. BIG‘s breakthrough album “Lean Into It” was repeatedly requested on this blog in its Japanese Remaster SHM-CD version, the only release of this record at the moment of its release including 3 exclusive bonus tracks. A Limited Edition now out of print. The opener kicks you right in the nuts, one of the best Mr. Big tunes ever, “Daddy,...

Mr. BIG – The Stories We Could Tell [Japan LTD. Edition K2HD] Disc 2 Re-Recorded Hits

Last MR. BIG album “The Stories We Could Tell” was chosen as ‘best of the year’ by this blog, and one of the best in the band’s career. This Japanese Deluxe Edition not only is manufactured with the high quality K2HD technology, but also comes boxed including a bonus disc with Mr. Big’s best songs re-recorded in 2014 plus a...