ELECTRIC GUITARS (Soren Andersen) – 10 Songs 10 Cities (2019)

Formed by awesome musicians from the Scandinavian scene, ELECTRIC GUITARS are releasing “10 Songs 10 Cities”. In the spring of 2018 Electric Guitars played a Danish tour, recording all the concerts. Now they have chosen 10 songs from 10 different cities, hence the record’s title. Thiis isn’t just another ‘live album’; the man behind this is talented guitarist Søren Andersen, also uber-producer, so expect an incredible sound quality.
Musically, “10 Songs 10 Cities” sounds like a lost Thin Lizzy album, vibrant, and full of amazing songs / performances.

ELECTRIC GUITARS – Rock’n’Roll Radio (2017)

We already praised here on this blog the last ELECTRIC GUITARS album, and now 2017 the Danish combo are back with another guitar-fest titled “Rock’n’Roll Radio“. The Copenhagen-based quartet is fronted by talented guitarist & vocalist Søren Andersen (Mike Tramp lead guitar man, Glenn Hughes band, and solo artist) and on this new effort they rock even more with a...

ELECTRIC GUITARS – String Fever (2015)

ELECTRIC GUITARS – String Fever (2015)

* A band with a name as awful as ELECTRIC GUITARS can’t possibly be good, can they? The name is so terribly generic, and if you add to that the name of their album; “String Fever”, things turn worse. Well, I am wrong.When I read the Copenhagen-based quartet was fronted by guitarist & vocalist Søren Andersen – Mike Tramp lead...