EDDIE MONEY – Brand New Day (2020)

Brand New Day” is the posthumous recordings from the late rocker and Long Island Hall of Famer EDDIE MONEY. Originally scheduled to be released last year, it was postponed when Money became ill. He died on Sept. 13, 2019. Money was 70 years old.
“This is the best record I’ve made since ‘No Control’ (1982),” Money said. “It’s got that late-Seventies and roll feel to it.”
And indeed the veteran rocker captured here some of the magic from his early days. Very good upbeat rockers, and really well recorded / produced.

EDDIE MONEY – Shakin’ With The Money Man (4 New Studio Tracks + Live)

One EDDIE MONEY album you need to check is the quite unknown – and hard to find now – “Shakin’ With The Money Man”. Perhaps being released in Nineties when this type of music was out of fashion, this is a really good showcase for Money’s talents, featuring a hot live recording including his biggest hits, plus 4 new studio...

EDDIE MONEY – Unplug It In (acoustic live) Out Of Print

EDDIE MONEY is not longer with us but his music will live forever. One of you asked for his “Unplug It In” CD, now out of print. Eddie was one of the first rockers to make an attempt to capitalize on MTV’s successful Unplugged series, releasing this record in 1992. Like any “unplugged” recording, the album features a collection of...

EDDIE MONEY – Take Me Home Tonight : The Best Of [Re-recorded]

EDDIE MONEY, the prolific singer and songwriter whose songs “Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and “Take Me Home Tonight” soundtracked popular music in the ’80s, sadly died last Friday, Sept. 13. He was working on a new album titled ‘Brand New Day’, apparently finished and even listed at Amazon, now retired.
This is the best way to remember Eddie, via his best songs included into “Take Me Home Tonight : The Best Of”, re-recorded versions of his biggest hits. While usually the original versions are better, we must assume you already have these, and let me tell you, all the re-recorded songs (done by Eddie between 2010-11) are great, some with slightly new arrangements updated to current times.

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EDDIE MONEY – No Control [Rock Candy remaster]

After the recent Rock Candy reissues of two EDDIE MONEY albums from the ’80s, many asked for the previous remaster of Money’s “No Control“, already presented here on the blog as well when appeared two years ago. This is a refresh for those who missed it… it’s a wonderful US Melodic Rock / AOR album. EDDIE MONEY’s life was turned...

EDDIE MONEY – Can’t Hold Back [Rock Candy remaster]

Rock Candy specialists already re-issued EDDIE MONEY‘s early albums, now they’re presenting ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ versions of Eddie ’80s more AOR recordings. “Can’t Hold Back” is by far, my favorite Eddie Money album. You can say what you want about American rock in the ’80s, but it was mostly all about feeding FM radio with huge hit singles. That was...

EDDIE MONEY – Where’s The Party? [Rock Candy remaster]

Rock Candy specialists already re-issued EDDIE MONEY‘s early albums, now they’re presenting ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ versions of Eddie ’80s more AOR recordings. When “Where’s The Party?” was released in 1983, Eddie Money was a hugely successful and famous artist with a string of hit singles and platinum albums to his name. Eddie’s raspy tones and his penchant for earthy blue...