DUCKWALK CHUCK – Fired Up (2021)

Norwegian Hard Rockers DUCKWALK CHUCK has been active for 20 years, and to celebrate their anniversary they are about to release what should be their finest album, the upcoming ”Fired Up”.
Duckwalk Chuck – what a fun name by the way – music premise is to have a good time, straight in your face, timeless rock ‘n’ roll.
Opener, the title track, pretty much summarizes the band’s simple yet effective formula. ‘All Fired Up’ is not a cover of the Tina Turner cover of the Pat Benatar cover of the Kerryn Tolhurst song of the same name- what it is though is a kickin’ classic hard rocker compete with lyrics about leather & studs and some gang vocals in the choruses. Classic rock riffing, rolling bass lines, four to the floor drums and dirty raspy vocals give us exactly what we’d expect from a good rock ‘n’ roll song…