DREAMTIDE – Dreams Dreamt (2021)

Formed by FAIR WARNING’s guitarist Helge Engelke and drummer C.C. Behrens as a side project, at the end of the Nineties DREAMTIDE grew so much that both musicians decided to give it a full development, and the band managed to be signed by major Melodic Rock labels Frontiers and then AOR Heaven, and Avalon / Marquee in Japan.
DREAMTIDE released three stupendous melodic hard rock albums and some EP’s in the 2000’s, and now Engelke has put out by himslef this “Dreams Dreamt“, a personal selection of DREAMTIDE best songs but focused in the songs lyrics related to ‘dreams’.
Since the band name, there always has been some kind of a ‘concept’ into their music revolving around ‘dreams’. But what matters here is the terrific set of pristine melodic hard rock songs on offer.
“Dreams Dreamt” was silently released few weeks ago and Engelke didn’t prepared a press release, but listening to this album and comparing the tracks with the original releases, seems to be some re-mixes or at least a new mastering on many songs.
Highly Recommended timeless top melodic rock.