DRAMAH – Alter Ego (2021)

DRAMAH is the new project of Spanish guitarist / keyboardist Chema Garcia, an experienced musician who has been part of many bands like Nocturnia, Desertica, Absidia, etc. Despite the cover artwork making you think about progressive / sympho music, “Alter Ego“, their second album, is a Melodic Hard Rock record with some AOR touches.
After their first album in 2011, Chema was busy with other projects, but about three years ago decided to give DRAMAH a new bump. He recorded two songs with current singer in veteran melodic rock act TNT, Baol Bardot Bulsara (included here as bonus tracks).
But Chema wanted a full-time vocalist, and he found Kike Fuentes (ex Epicurea, Midnight Minuet) which voice perfectly fits DRAMAH’s melodic rockers…