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DON FELDER – Airborne [Wounded Bird Records remastered reissue] out of print

As requested, here’s the rare, now out of print reissue of DON FELDER first solo album ”Airborne”. After being The Eagles member, the man who co-wrote the timeless song “Hotel California” released this solo debut LP in 1983 with the help of talented friends like Tris Imboden, the late Carlos Vega, Jeff Lorber, Kenny Loggins, Nathan East, etc.
I laugh out loud when I read ”Airborne” reviews with critics, at the time, saying something like this: “Felder seems to have forgotten the harmonies and ringing arpeggios that made The Eagles famous in favor to a commercial sheen production and radio-oriented rock”… Welcome! I celebrate that.
It was 1983, and ”Airborne” delivers that classic AOR sound from the era. There’s synths, funky bass lines, drums with reverb, and of course Felder’s signature guitar and solid vocals. Felder was aiming for a recording artist career (which didn’t happened) and following The Eagles style would’ve been pointless…

HEAVY METAL – Music From The Motion Picture [Vinyl LP reissue] (2017)

After many requests, here’s in exclusive the legendary “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture“, in its 2-LP recent release. This is part of the Rhino Records ‘Rocktober’ series, an annual campaign featuring limited edition vinyl releases of classic albums, issued in October, 2017.
The 2-LP release is only available in the U.S. and Canada, already sold out now and very expensive.
‘Heavy Metal’ is a 1981 Canadian-American adult animated sci-fi-fantasy film based in the Heavy Metal Magazine, which was the basis for the film. Like the magazine, the film features a great deal of graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity, censored at various countries.
The movie soundtrack features songs inspired by the story, but most the artists involved aren’t musically ‘heavy metal’ at all. The term is used here into other context.
Musically, “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture” offers more than the title suggests, and the songs fit perfectly with their respective film segments. Most songs from the likes of Journey, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyester Club, etc, are exclusive to this soundtrack, some never appeared into any other release, some are different from the originals, noted as ‘Soundtrack Version’.

DON FELDER (Eagles) – American Rock ‘n’ Roll (2019)

Legendary former lead guitarist and songwriter of the Eagles, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee DON FELDER is releasing today his highly anticipated all-new album “American Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The album features some of the biggest names in music including Sammy Hagar, Slash, Richie Sambora, Orianthi, Peter Frampton, Joe Satriani, Mick Fleetwood, Chad Smith, Bob Weir, David Paich, Steve...

EAGLES – Hell Freezes Over [25th Anniversary Edition Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Originally released in 1994 following EAGLES‘ 14 year-long break up, “Hell Freezes Over” celebrates its 25th anniversary with a remastered release. Long out of print on vinyl and never before released in the US on this format, the reissue is available on CD and digital as well. The album has been lovingly remastered by legend Bob Ludwig. It contains four...

EAGLES – Singles & B-Sides [Remastered] (2018)

At the end of last year Warner / Rhino put together this interesting EAGLES compilation; “Singles & B-Sides [Remastered]”. The nice thing is they selected the very early Eagles singles, and are offered here all into one package fully remastered so you don’t have to buy expensive box-sets to get these tunes. As example, there’s first single ‘Take It Easy’...

EAGLES – Transmission Impossible (2017)

“EAGLES – Transmission Impossible” is the just released 3-CD set featuring the legendary band at their finest via excellent, selected performances. Featuring four magnificent live broadcast recordings from the Eagles from across their career, all boasting superb audio quality and enticing set lists, this compilation of the group in concert is destined to become the definitive live collection documenting this...

DON FELDER – Road To Forever (2012)

* Former member of iconic legends The Eagles (co-writer of the Grammy-studded smash Hotel California), DON FELDER left the band in 2001, and more than ten years after he is releasing “Road To Forever”, his new solo album. “Road To forever” is a great, warm, delicious Californian radio rock album where Don Felder is delivering the goods like a West...