DOLL CIRCUS – Eat This! (2021)

Formed two years ago and inspired by the likes of Girlschool, Vixen, Doro, etc, DOLL CIRCUS is a an all-female rock n’ roll band which are releasing their debut album ”Eat This!”. With a raw, punchy and a quite energetic sound, these lads deliver here 11 kickin’ rockers plenty of attitude.
They open with a bang with the song titled as themselves, “Doll Circus”, a rollicking tune screaming to be performed live in a sweaty club. Then ‘Wolf’ is driven by a cool rhythm, a catchy tune to be payed at 11 while driving fast at the highway.
Title track “Eat This!“ addsd bluesy elements, a much more groovy track spiced by two strong solos – there’s a twin-lead guitar tandem in the band – one of the best songs on the CD…