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LYNCH MOB – The Elektra Years 2xCD [Cherry Red / HNE Records remastered + bonus] (2021) HQ

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Recordings bring us ‘The Elektra Years‘, LYNCH MOB‘s two album with the label presented over 2 CD’s: ‘Wicked Sensation‘ and ‘Lynch Mob‘, remastered, complete with bonus tracks.
Lynch Mob were originally formed by guitarist George Lynch and drummer Mick Brown in 1989 after creative differences led to the break up of their previous band, Dokken.
This is a welcomed reissue having LYNCH MOB’s two classic albums into one package, nicely remastered and worthy collectible bonus tracks, including the second album exclusive tracks for the original Japanese CD edition…

DON DOKKEN – Up From The Ashes [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] HQ

Universal Music Japan started some time a curious but more than welcomed campaign: the reissue of long time out of print albums from their catalog titled ‘HR/HM 1000‘, that meaning Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9 USD.
One of the very interesting albums from the series, is without a doubt “Up From The Ashes“, the first DON DOKKEN solo record.
After Dokken-the band imploded in 1989, Don formed a new killer band for this album. Fresh out of Europe with a smash hit album under his belt, John Norum joined on guitar. Billy White from the metal band Watchtower was the second guitar player, giving Dokken a double guitar lineup (or three if you count Don himself).
King Diamond’s Mikkey Dee was aboard on drums, several years away from joining Motorhead (and later Scorpions). Rounding out the band was veteran Accept bassist Peter Baltes, who played with Dokken in their earliest days.
A true international line-up: American, Norwegian, Swedish, German…

THE END MACHINE – Phase 2 (2021)

THE END MACHINE are back with their sophomore album, “Phase 2,” which follows on the heels of their well-received and successful self-titled debut album released in 2018. The End Machine features former classic lineup Dokken members George Lynch and Jeff Pilson with the awesome singer Robert Mason (Warrant, Lynch Mob) on lead vocals. Classic Dokken drummer Mick Brown handled drums on the first album, but is now retired, so in his place behind the drum kit is none other than his brother Steve Brown.
The new record builds on the great bluesy hard rock music of the debut, but sees the band move more towards the classic Dokken sound and the result is a 2.0 reboot of a killer music machine.
Is it George Lynch the best rock guitar player of his generation? He’s in the Top-10 with out a doubt, but one thing is for sure; he’s one of the most innovative and adventurous.

DON DOKKEN – Solitary [Digipak version] (2019)

CleoRecs has released officially for the first time DON DOKKEN‘s solo album “Solitary“. Originally not for sale, homemade copied CDr’s were given by Don during some acoustic gigs in 2008. There was a Japanese release in 2016, this time silver / factory pressed but in very limited copies.
Now “Solitary” is being officially released in a digipak with the addition of 3 songs and refreshed artwork.
On “Solitary” Don Dokken performs original songs and cover versions in an acoustic format and new arrangements. Acoustic mean unplugged, but not just an acoustic guitar as example, but a full band featuring some stellar musicians such as Michael Thompson on guitar and bass, Tony Franklin on bass, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta,..

DOKKEN – The Japanese Bonus Tracks & Rarities (0dayrox compilation)

After the new DOKKEN album ‘The Lost Songs’ many of you asked for the band’s more rarities. So here’s a fresh 0dayrox compilation “DOKKEN : The Japanese Bonus Tracks & Rarities” including the official Japanese albums edition bonus tracks (especially from the 90s onwards), the rare first Lynch Mob album Japan bonus, and a bunch or rarities; Don Dokken’s appearances, demos, covers, and more.
There’s even Jeff Pilson’s lead vocal demos for ‘It’s Not Love’, ‘Unchain The Night’, etc.
Only at 0dayrox

DOKKEN – The Lost Songs 1978-1981 (2020)

DOKKEN will release an album called “The Lost Songs: 1978-1981” on August 28 via Silver Lining Music. It was during those vital years that a young, motivated Dokken from Southern California stepped into Media Arts Studio in Redondo Beach to lay down some unfiltered, unpasteurized rock ‘n’ roll songs. He then brought those with him to Hamburg, Germany where Dokken (influenced by the likes of Scorpions) forged a historic alliance, working with a young German producer called Michael Wagener, who would later help craft multi-million selling albums for the likes of Motley Crüe, Metallica, and Skid Row – as well as Dokken.
From the sunbaked SoCal hook of “Step Into The Light” to the “Back In The Streets” furious, fledgling, late- Sunset Strip sound, “The Lost Songs: 1978-1981” shows Dokken in the unfettered early days of balls-out attitude, as well as showcasing the song-writing skills which would see them sell over 10 million albums and him become an international rock ‘n’ roll star.

WAR & PEACE (Jeff Pilson) – Time Capsule (Out Of Print)

After Dokken broke up, bassist Jeff Pilson formed his own group called Flesh & Blood in 1989, taking over lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties this time. After changing the name to WAR & PEACE released their first album “Time Capsule” in 1993, featuring Russ Parrish aka Satchel (Steel Panther), Tommy “Hendrix” Henriksen (Warlock, Doro), and Ricky Parent (Enuff Z’Nuff).
While the grunge already started to dominate ’90s rock music WAR & PEACE remains faithful to the classic hard rock sound, and the songs on “Time Capsule” are even better than most the music released by Dokken (& Don) during that decade.

DOKKEN – Back For The Attack +1 [Rock Candy remastered / full scans] Out Of Print

As requested, here’s DOKKEN “Back For The Attack +1” remastered & reloaded by Rock Candy Records specialists including a bonus track, released five years ago. Seems this remaster CD version is out of print now, and copies are being sold at Amazon for £1,391 !!! I’ve been waiting long time for this Rock Candy remaster of “Back For The Attack”,...

DOKKEN – Back In The Streets [’79 EP / Japan Edition] + Rare Single

And here we have DOKKEN‘s EP “Back In The Streets”, a bunch of demos recorded in 1979 in Germany, finally released ten years after without the band’s consent. This Japanese release features a different cover art. While the classic Dokken line up appears printed, in fact this is Don Sokken on vocals / guitar, guitarist Greg Leon, drummer Gary Holland,...

DOKKEN – Breakin’ The Chains [Original European Recording] *EXCLUSIVE*

Before the American debut LP ‘Breaking The Chains’ in 1983, DOKKEN originally released the disc on 1981 in Europe only on the French label Carrere Records, and titled “Breakin’ the Chains” (no ‘g’). This is the original European recording only available on vinyl LP. We have done our ‘own cleaning’ on this excellent rip, free of noises, so I doubt...

DOKKEN – From Conception : Live 1981

After the recent remastered version of DOKKEN‘s first American album featured here, one of you asked for “From Conception : Live 1981”, capturing the band in an early, previously unheard concert recorded before the band signed with Elektra Records, plus 3 songs that weren’t included into the studio album. “From Conception” finds singer Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch, drummer Mick...

DOKKEN – Breaking The Chains [Rock Candy remaster]

As part of the triad of DOKKEN albums remastered by Rock Candy Records, we have here as requested, their first American release “Breaking The Chains“. During the ’80s Dokken were riding a wave of success that had them bracketed in the same league as heavy hitters like Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, the Scorpions and Ratt. Constantly on tour and favorites...

THE END MACHINE – The End Machine [Japan Edition SHM-CD +1] (2019)

Classic-era Dokken members George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown have teamed up with Warrant’s Robert Mason to form THE END MACHINE. The band’s self-titled debut album will arrive March 22 via Frontiers Music, but tomorrow will appear this Japanese Edition. “The real truth of it is that George and I have this great songwriting partnership that’s been going on...

DOKKEN – The Anthems [+2 new tracks +2 Japan release extras]

Some of you requested ‘Greatest Hits’, the collection of re-worked ’80s hits recorded by DOKKEN few years ago, more specifically its Japan version featuring 2 bonus tracks. As the Japanese release turned out of print, this reissue by UK label Store For Music under the new title “The Anthems” is the one to get, as it’s exactly like the Japanese...

DOKKEN – Return To The East Live (2018)

The reunited classic line-up of DOKKEN – guitarist George Lynch, vocalist Don Dokken, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown – will release a new CD, DVD and Blu-ray, “Return To The East Live (2016)“, on April 20 via Frontiers Music. The set will contain the band’s October 2016 performance at Japan’s Loud Park festival, as well as a...