TONY MITCHELL – Beggar’s Gold [2xCD Special Edition] + 1st album Far Away From Home (Out of Print)

Best known for having fronted acclaimed act Kiss Of The Gypsy back in the ’90s, Englishman TONY MITCHELL returned two years ago with a new solo album titled “Beggars Gold“. This 2xCD Special Edition includes Mitchell’s first album “Far Away From Home” as bonus disc, out of print for many years.
You can’t go wrong with the music here: melodic hard rock with a timeless classic rock blueprint, passionate vocals and polished production.

THREE LIONS – Three Lions [Japan Edition +1]

THREE LIONS is the British beast consisting of Vinny Burns (Dare, Ten, Asia) on guitar, Greg Morgan (Dare, Ten) on drums and Nigel Bailey (Dirty White Boyz, Lifeline) on vocals & bass which released their self-titled debut on Frontiers Records, and Avalon / Marquee Japan including a bonus track. Take a trio of talented cats, consisting of two-thirds of the...

DIRTY WHITE BOYZ – Down And Dirty (2017)

DIRTY WHITE BOYZ – Down And Dirty (2017)

The songs included in “Down And Dirty“, the cracking debut of DIRTY WHITE BOYZ to be released tomorrow, were once intended to be a solo album from singer, songwriter & guitarist Tony Mitchell (Kiss of the Gypsy, Kingdom of Deadmen). While recording some tracks he decided to pitch some demos to various labels. Escape Music dialed up Mitchell suggesting he...