DIRTY LOOKS – Cool From The Wire [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

After the recent DIRTY LOOKS‘ post here, some of you asked for their rocking effort “Cool From The Wireremastered by Rock Candy Records. Well here it is, sounding better than ever.
There’s no denying the power of great rock music to evoke the exact time and place when it was first heard. Indeed, such was the power of “Cool From The Wire” when appeared in the ’80s that virtually everyone that knows this record will almost certainly testify to that theory.
It is an album that made people sit up and take notice right from the opening salvo to its closing chimes, capturing the essence of a work that still resonates to this very day…

DIRTY LOOKS – Bootlegs [Divebomb Records remastered reissue] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Divebomb Records is releasing today this officially licensed reissue of ”Bootlegs”, DIRTY LOOKS third album which isn’t a bootleg at all, but a quality first rate studio recording. Now the album is back on CD for the first time in a whopping 30 years, fully remastered, with refreshed artwork and limited to 1,000 copies.
After releasing a pair of excellent, Billboard-charting hard rock albums for major label Atlantic Records – Cool From The Wire (1988) and Turn Of The Screw (1989) – DIRTY LOOKS licensed this nine-song recording to Shrapnel Records in 1991. Consisting of material written throughout the band’s peak stage, some of these compositions were purported to have been inexplicably rejected by Atlantic during the band’s stint with the label, despite obvious strengths abound.
If fact, ”Bootlegs” packs some of the best songs this band ever wrote, and it’s among our favorites. Here, DIRTY LOOKS sounds much more like CINDERELLA than on their two first (released) albums, and …
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DIRTY LOOKS – Turn Of The Screw (reissue 2016)

DIRTY LOOKS – Turn Of The Screw (reissue 2016)

Hard to find for many years Rhino / Atlantic just reissued 2016 DIRTY LOOKS‘ second album “Turn Of The Screw“. Without a doubt, alongside their major label debut (Rock Candy Remaster posted here) this is Dirty Looks finest moment, a band with a strong cult following all over the world. Dirty Looks formed in San Francisco in 1985 when Danish-born...