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DGM – Tragic Separation [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

Tragic Separation” is the long awaited 10th album by Italian prog metal masters DGM out 09.10.20 via Frontiers Music, just released in Japan today with the usual bonus track.
The quintet began writing the music for it in the spring of 2019, with the year taken to complete the album a longer process than normal but necessary to achieve a desire to push themselves beyond any boundaries set by their previous work.
The end result ticks all the boxes of the Progressive Metal genre with augmented AOR melodies, while also adding their own unique stamp. This is just a really great Euro prog melodic metal album, and we cannot recommend it more….

DGM – Passing Stages ; Live in Milan and Atlanta (2017)

“Passing Stages ; Live in Milan and Atlanta” is the fresh release (via Frontiers Music) from Italians DGM, documenting the band’s concert recorded last year at the Frontiers Music Festival in Milan and while they were presenting ‘The Passage’, DGM’s eighth studio album which marked the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 and...

DGM – The Passage [Japanese Edition +1] (2016)

Italians DGM are ready to release their new album “The Passage” next August 26 via Frontiers Music. This just appeared advanced Japanese edition features a bonus track. This is not the typical Frontiers Music release as DGM are pretty prog metal, but “The Passage” is a very melodic album, a stellar melodic progressive metal CD indeed. If you go searching...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2016

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2016

Some really interesting albums are coming next July 2016, let’s tease the fresh advanced singles.Biggest Melodic Hard Label, Frontiers Music, obviously gets all the attention. We already presented here the first cuts of cult American hard rockers Q5, and the fun international combo TRICK OR TREAT, both to be released next month. We have new cuts from both, and they...

DGM – Momentum (2013)

* Italian progressive metallers DGM have been doing bleed some ears for more than a decade, quite silently but firmly gaining a strong fan core base and their colleagues’ respect. DGM is releasing their aptly-titled eighth studio album “Momentum”, as this brand new recording finds them at the peak of their creativity with a strong, devastating set of songs. DGM...