DeWOLFF – Wolffpack (2021)

Dutch trio DeWOLFF play vintage rock. And that’s meaning fuzzed-up old guitar amps, the use of Hammond organ, theremin, creating a great mix ’70s psych, hazy melodies ranging from hard rock rawness to funk, blues, and more. And they are very good at it. And the good thing is these guys are only in their ’30s.
These cats bring their own unique style to each and every song on this new album “Wolffpack“, and it is an absolute breath of fresh air.
Right from the start you are enveloped in their fantastical musical world of Hammond organs and fuzz induced riffage. Fuse this with easy on the ear melodic vocal deliveries and you get the idea. Their songwriting style may have an old-otherworldly-charm but goddammit it is as sweet as the nectar of the gods.
If you are not sold by the end of the album’s opener ‘Yes You Do’ then you need to check your pulse baby cos you might already be dead.