DEVIL’S BALLS – Stormy Weather (2020)

German hard rockers DEVIL’S BALLS not only have a strange (however fun) name, but they also decided to release their new album “Stormy Weather” today, on Sunday. It’s not your usual day of the week for business, but that’s part of Devil’s Balls attitude: they manage their music themselves, so they do what they want to.
Same happens with their chosen musical style: no trends, no garbage: they play the music they love and that’s classic late ’80s melodic hard rock / glam metal with AORish touches.
What I really like about this kind of indie bands it’s the uncompromising delivery of their art: the songs on ‘Stormy Weather’ sound and feel like recorded in 1987.

DEVIL’S BALLS – Ride The Tiger (2016)

“Ride The Tiger” is the debut album from German rockers DEVIL’S BALLS, a bunch of young musicians with a profound love for ’80s hard rock. They grew up listening to their parent’s disc collection consisting of a healthy dose of glam / hair metal stuff including Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and all classic British metal. Their sound...