DESPERATION BLVD – Desperation BLVD (2020)

DESPERATION BLVD is a brand new project from Italy presenting their self-titled debut inspired by the ’80s American Hard Rock scene.
Born from an idea of two experienced musicians, guitarist Alex ‘Crown’ Corona and drummer Elvis ‘Hell’ Ortolan. The trio is completed by bassist Matteo ‘Matt’ Martinelli, the trio enlisted the services of well known vocalists to put their stamp on their songs, including David Reece (ACCEPT, BANGALORE CHOIR), the versatile Alessia Scolletti (TEMPERANCE), SERENITY’s vocalist Fabio D’Amore, and more, plus Thomas Silver from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR contributing a wonderfully fluid guest guitar solo.
If you think of GUNS N’ ROSES when you see a song title like “November Pain”, you are right; on “Desperation BLVD” there’s clear echoes of late ’80s Axl & Co, BULLETBOYS, L.A. GUNS, BANG TANGO, BABYLON A.D., and TUFF round off the lively, uplifting sound of the band. Additionally…