DAYLIGHT ROBBERY – Falling Back To Earth (2014)

UK hard rockers DAYLIGHT ROBBERY returned with their second effort, ”Falling Back To Earth”, that once again brings their slick package of mid-Eighties influenced Brit hard rock / AOR to the ears, all while bringing back memories of the glory days of this type of stuff.
Indeed, fans of that classy era will revel in a lot of the material here; ‘Paradise is Lost’ rocks with an 80s feel akin Magnum, whilst the excellent ‘Samarah Never Sleeps’ and ‘Fallen Star’ both highlight the impassioned vocalisin’ of frontman Tony Nicholl.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY – Cross Your Heart… & Hope To Die (2011)

It was been a long road for DAYLIGHT ROBBERY since the very early Nineties when the Birmingham, UK band recorded some exciting demos in the trend of the moment with the typical AOR flavour similar in style to the likes of Tobruk or Shy. The group toured the islands supporting several established bands but never actually recorded anything.
Respected singer Tony Nicholl continued in the music business as part of different projects, keeping in touch with DR original guitarist Mark Carleton.
Then earlier past decade they decided to reborn Daylight Robbery to finally record the band’s debut: “Cross Your Heart… & Hope To Die” includes some songs written in the 80s / early 90s ago and new material as well.
I am a sucker for this kind of material, and I am pretty sure that you, Classy Rockin’ AOR fan, will enjoy this album as sybarites…

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY – The Enemy Within (2020)

UK rockers DAYLIGHT ROBBERY will release their new album ”The Enemy Within” through Solar Flare Records, where they continue with their brand of 80s / 90s melodic hard rock / AOR style (the band was founded in the mid-80s) with an updated production. In the same league of SHY, TOBRUK and PEROUX, the Birmingham band were poised to be the...

0DAYROX Advanced Releases 2014 VOL.1

* With the new year arriving soon many rock acts are preparing the release of new material, while others anxiously look forward for their debuts to be finally released.We have here an interesting bunch of advanced tracks / singles from some of them that will see the light of day soon. Some are already established acts, some are really promising...