BLOODGOOD – Rock In A Hard Place [Legends Remastered Series]

As part of their ‘Legends Remastered‘ series, highly respected reissue label Retroactive Records has released the 2 more celebrated albums by BLOODGOOD. As requested, here we have both.
The band’s third effort “Rock In A Hard Place” is one of my favorite albums from the second half of the ’80s American Hard Rock indie scene, and now sounds better than ever.
BLOODGOOD was one of the most underrated American Hard Rock from the glorious ’80s, perhaps due their Christian origins. But they were the real deal, a high quality band in the genre.
After two pretty heavy albums, they changed the musical approach to the dominating glossy-sounding Hard Rock around 1988, and the result was this “Rock In A Hard Place”. It’s commercial record yet defiant, melodic, with catchy songs…

BLOODGOOD – Out Of The Darkness [Legends Remastered Series]

As part of their ‘Legends Remastered’ series, highly respected reissue label Retroactive Records has released the 2 more celebrated albums by BLOODGOOD. As requested, here we have both.
The band’s 4th effort “Out Of The Darkness” is another great slice of ’80s American Hard Rock, now remastered in all its splendor.
“Out Of The Darkness” from 1989 represents a heavier effort than the previous album from the revered Seattle, Washington based act BloodGood. But its muscle is blended with the sheen melodic hard rock waves of the era, resulting in a kicking hard-rocking disc but still catchy and commercial. The move to a more accessible direction proved successful overall, with…

DAVID ZAFFIRO – Yesterday’s Left Behind [Digitally Remastered 2020]

“Yesterday’s Left Behind” (1994) remains as the last DAVID ZAFFIRO solo album and the last from the 2020 reissue series from his career.
Here Zaffiro blend the melodic rock orientation of his first two albums with the acoustic mix of the third adding a certain hard rock edge. As happened with all, sound & production are pristine, even more with this clear remastering job.
“Winds Of September” represents albums leading cut, not the least of which being how it is its heaviest (noting the perfect fusing of the up-tempo electric and gritty acoustic) but also features a guest vocal performance from Holy Soldier front man Stephen Patrick. This one would…

DAVID ZAFFIRO – Surrender Absolute [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

We already featured at 0dayRox the remastered reissues of DAVID ZAFFIRO‘s two first solo albums, now we have here in exclusive “Surrender Absolute“, his third effort from 1992.
According to the time and with the success of Mr. BIG, TESLA, etc, Zaffiro added to “Surrender Absolute” some acoustic guitar mix to the AOR / Melodic Rock style of the 2 previous albums.
Also, and while David still perform some lead vocals, we find here a trained lead singer – the majority of the tracks are fronted by talented Randall Waller, who is better known for his work in AVION and Tunesmith Records, recorded with Mutt Lange.

DAVID ZAFFIRO – In Scarlet Storm (1990) [30th anniversary edition Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

We already featured at 0dayRox the remastered reissue of DAVID ZAFFIRO debut solo album from 1989, now it’s time for his 2nd, 1990’s “In Scarlet Storm“.
The debut’s Melodic Rock / AOR style is augmented here with that characteristic ’90s clinical sound for the American rock productions of the era. At places “In Scarlet Storm” reminds us Damn Yankees yet more AOR.
You need to hear this album with headphones too — even more this pristine remastered version – to discover some amazing layers of the multi-track recording, and the fabulous stereo-panning used here.
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DAVID ZAFFIRO – The Other Side (1989) [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Known for his renown axemanship with the iconic Christian metal band Bloodgood, DAVID ZAFFIRO surprised in 1989 with his first solo album “The Other Side” where most the material, both in songwriting & production, embraced the melodic rock / AOR sound from the era.
Indeed, while Bloodgood albums were rich in melody and some hard rock groove, all were US metal in essence. With “The Other Side”, ZAFFIRO delivers a smooth collection of AORish tunes with that polished, pristine production so ‘1989’.
Many years out of print, this 2020 digitally remastered reissue is more than welcomed, for many to discover this very good album / artist, and a great addition to your collection if you already heard the LP back in the Eighties.
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