SURVIVOR – Fire Makes Steel [The Unreleased 1993-96 Album with Dave Bickler]

And as requested, here’s the ”lost” SURVIVOR album “Fire Makes Steel“, which are in fact the songs the band composed and demoed between 1993-1996 and never crystallized into an official release.
Few of these song ideas ended into the SURVIVOR’s album ‘Reach’, however most of the tracks remain unreleased… and how good, brilliant stuff they are.
After Jimi Jamison left the band for a solo career, in early 1993 Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan reunited with original lead singer Dave Bickler as SURVIVOR and…

SURVIVOR – Caught In The Game [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

“Caught In The Game” is the fourth album by American Melodic Rock Gods SURVIVOR, one of the many albums from the band briefly taken out of print in 2009. However, it was ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. “Caught In The Game” it’s the Survivors’s last album to-date to feature lead vocalist Dave Bickler, who left due to vocal...

SURVIVOR – Premonition [Rock Candy remaster]

Requested by many here’s more SURVIVOR for the soul, with this really good Rock Candy remaster of “Premonition“, the band’s second album. With a new rhythm section and the pair guitarist Frankie Sullivan & keyboarder Jim Peterik writing all the songs, “Premonition” was produced by themselves, in fact, it was Peterik the real conductor orienting the band to a more...

DAVE BICKLER (ex-Survivor) – Darklight (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

Today we are bringing to you another exclusive: Darklight“, the full length debut album from former Survivor lead vocalist DAVE BICKLER. Yes, believe it or not, while Bickler has been active in the music business all these years, this is his solo debut CD.
Invited by Jim Peterik to join his new band Survivor in 1978, Dave Bickler become the group’s lead singer for six years, recording their first 3 albums and of course, he’s the vocalist on the iconic song “Eye of the Tiger”.
Dave returned to the band between 1993-2000, and since then continued with