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DARK STAR – Real To Reel ’87 [Digitally Remastered / 500 copies] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the rare Digitally Remastered version of British rockers DARK STAR album “Real To Reel” (1987), released for the first time on CD by No Remorse Records under license of Revolver Music Ltd. Despite of being reissued only four years ago, it’s already out of print as it was a 500 copies Limited Edition.
For this album Dark Star changed their initial hard rock / NWOBHM style in favor to keyboard laced melodic rock with catchy choruses. It was 1987, and bands like FM, Peroux, Shy, etc where embracing this sound as part of the British AOR / MR wave of the second half of the ’80s.
Now regarded as a collectors cult classic, and considering the original tapes were lost, it’s great to have “Real To Reel”…
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DARK STAR – Dark Star +7 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

One of those LP’s that marked my musical youth was the debut of forgotten NWOBHM rangers DARK STAR. Their song “Lady Of Mars” is a cult classic, and precisely this single – after being included in the legendary EMI new band’s compilations ‘Metal For Muthas Volume II’ album (remember these?) – Dark Star secured a record deal with the newly formed Avatar label.
Th self titled debut album by Dark Star has been remastered, re-issued and given the full treatment by those wonderful people at Rock Candy Records, with the addition of 7 bonus tracks.

VA – Lightning To The Nations; NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection (Disc 1)

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M.) was a musical movement that somehow saved – or revitalized if you want – the languishing metal / hard rock scene at the end of the Seventies, and cemented the ’80s sound for the genre during the entire decade. The excellent 3-CD box “Lightnin’ To The Nations: NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” comprises...