DANGEROUS TOYS – Dangerous Toys (1989) [Digitally Remastered] *Exclusive*

As requested, DANGEROUS TOYS‘ debut album ”Dangerous Toys” in remastered form released as a 2-CD package including the band’s two first LPs.
While into the glam metal wagon from the second half of the ’80s, these hard-rocking Texans successfully created a style of its own on this 1989 eponymous debut including the hits “Teas’n Pleas’n” and “Scared” being on heavy rotation on MTV.
Still with a commercial appeal, at the time ”Dangerous Toys” was an ass-kicking, no frills rock n’ roll band with a look & sound more early GN’R than your typical Sunset Strip band of the day.
What makes Dangerous Toys’ debut stand out from similar releases first and foremost is its musicality and diversity. Every song brings something different to the table, some rock hard a little more, others are more melodic…

DANGEROUS TOYS – Hellacious Acres (1991) [Digitally Remastered] *Exclusive*

As requested, DANGEROUS TOYS‘ second album ”Hellacious Acres” in remastered form released as a 2-CD package including the band’s two first LPs.
Produced by Englishman Roy Thomas Baker, 1991’s “Hellacious Acres” is heavier than DANGEROUS TOYS’ first album however the songs are just as catchy and have a real bright anthem-like quality to them.
More mature in songwriting this album is indeed a ‘hellacious’ helping of loud, raucous, swaggering, from-the-gut hard rock. Vocalist Jason McMaster still sounds like he gargles every night with broken glass, but within the attitude-drenched confines of this musical style, it works like a charm…

DANGEROUS TOYS – Pissed [remastered 2017]

As requested, here’s one of the best sleazy hard rock acts from the classic US movement: DANGEROUS TOYS, which got their third studio disc “Pissed” reissued & remastered for the first time by the EMP Label Group (David Ellefson of Megadeth own label).Released in 1994 – full grunge apogee – with song titles like ‘Loser’ and ‘Hard Luck Champion’, it’s...