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DAN LUCAS – The Long Road (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

To be released October 22, today we have in worldwide exclusive at 0dayrox the new album from German melodic rocker DAN LUCAS, titled ”The Long Road”.
DAN LUCAS first came to fame in the German Democratic Republic during the early ’80s as the front man of different successful groups. After his escape from the GDR, he moved to West Berlin where he soon became the singer of classic German Hard Rock group KARO who released the album “Heavy Birthday” in 1988.
Then Lucas moved to Munich and put out his wonderful solo debut “Canada” including songs recorded with musicians from LOVERBOY and Manny Charlton (NAZARETH) participating, a great AOR album for sure.
Now, after exactly 25 years since his last solo album, DAN LUCAS is back with a precious set of new songs with his classic trademark sound, mature AOR tunes with some points in common with the likes of RICHARD MARX, MARK SPIRO, BRETT WALKER, DESMOND CHILD, etc
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DAN LUCAS – Canada [YesterRock digitally remastered +5]

This is a must have in your AOR collection; DAN LUCASCanada“, here fully remastered plus 5 essential bonus tracks. With the help of Dominoe’s mastermind & producer Robert Papst, Lucas recorded these awesome collection of songs plenty of irresistible choruses and melodies to die for.
“Canada” is just one great track after another without giving you enough time to breathe. All songs here are pure diamonds, such as the AOR class of “Someone’s Girl”, “Over The Edge”, “Hide In The Night”, “The Movie”, “The Fire” “Coming Home”, the sweet “Canadian Dream”… all potential hits…

KARO – Heavy Birthday [digitally remastered +2]

We presented here many must-listen Melodic Rock / AOR from the ’80s in its remastered form, and today it’s time for a German band and their one and only LP, reissued with 2 bonus tracks. We’re talking about KARO‘s Heavy Birthday [digitally remastered +2 bonus].
KARO was founded by keyboardist Karo Ceh (aka Karo Straub) and drummer Ronnie Bosien from the ashes of the hard rock outfit Morgenrot. Both wanted a more commercial sound ruling the airwaves circa 1986. They found a terrific vocalist in Lutz Salzwedel, who later changed his artistic name to Dan Lucas releasing some stupendous AOR albums.
“Heavy Birthday” was released in 1988, and its title and artwork makes you think of a heavy metal product. Not at all. This is pure second half of the ’80s Euro Melodic Hard Rock / AOR, with lots of keyboards of course, but not overwhelming giving room to the vocals to shine and complemented by powerful doses of guitar providing a solid backbone.
There is a lot of similarity to other outfits around about the same time: including CRAAFT, ROKO, FATE, MYDRA, and even early SHY.