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DAN HILL – Love In The Shadows [rare only CD version made in Japan] (1984)

Alongside the requested new DAN HILL album, you asked for his 1984 album “Love In The Shadows“. This is Hill’s most ‘AOR’ sounding album, never released in America due some legal troubles. And we have the only CD pressing ever appeared, this German release but the disc manufactured in Japan.
Renowned singer-songwriter Daniel Hill born in Ontario, Canada, of US parents. Throughout his career has won a Grammy, five Canadian Junos, five SOCAN Awards for outstanding radio airplay, six ASCAP Awards and one BMI Award for airplay in the USA.
As solo artist is mostly known by smooth L.A WestCoast hits, but around 1983 he couldn’t resist the sound that was ruling the airwaves: “Love In The Shadows” is his more AOR, ‘hip’ album to date, with that classy keyboards, reverb drums and pristine production sound…

DAN HILL – On The Other Side Of Here (2021)

DAN HILL’s recent induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame again put the spotlight on a singer-songwriter who has quietly become one of our most successful in a nation known for its singer-songwriters.
His is a career that has seen as many as a thousand covers of songs he has recorded or penned for others. Collectively, his folio of songs have sold over 100-million copies. More rumpled corduroy and flannel shirts than flash couture, Hill for long has preferred solace to a playing up his enviable successes. He has never been one to push constant reminders in media about his extraordinary career. And extraordinary it is.
Hill’s new album, ”On the Other Side Of Here” is a melodic, pensive, smooth album that is filled with songs that speak of uncomfortable truths and romances flooded with tears. It is also the work of an exceptional songwriter whose trade craft deserves our highest honours and deepest respect.