DAMN YANKEES – Uprising Live! [Japan LaserDisc 0dayrox rip]

After the new DAMN YANKEES remastered releases and Shaw / Blades albums featured here, it was requested the Yankees’ only official live show released: “Uprising Live” never was released on CD audio, only on VHS, LaserDisc and later DVD.
We have taken the audio files from the Japanese-only LaserDisc (remember those?) and edited the tracks (no audio / sound tweaks) for you listening pleasure.
DAMN YANKEES was an amazing melodic hard rock machine, and performing live they show all their potential and power.
All their hits are here; ‘Come Again’, ‘High Enough’, ‘Coming Of Age’, plus a Styx, Night Ranger and Ted Nugent covers.
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SHAW BLADES – Influence +1 [Japanese Edition] + Hallucination +2 Japan bonus tracks

After the Damn Yankees fresh remaster and SHAW BLADES first album posted here, as requested here we have the duo’s second album “Influence“, in its Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus track and different artwork.
As extra, we added the 2 bonus tracks from the Japanese CD first SHAW BLADES album “Hallucination”, not present into the Rock Candy remaster.

DAMN YANKEES – Don’t Tread +2 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Yes, it’s one of our favorite Melodic Hard Rock album ever. And we are presenting it in exclusive at 0dayrox the fresh Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded version of DAMN YANKEES second and final album “Don’t Tread“, including 2 bonus tracks.
Yes, we love Damn Yankees self-titled debut album, but on “Don’t Tread” the supergroup comprising guitar hero Ted Nugent, former Styx vocalist / guitarist Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades and drummer Michael Cartellone, perfected their songwriting and melodic delivery making this record a true gem for the genre.
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DAMN YANKEES – Damn Yankees +1 [Rock Candy remastered]

Easily in our Top-50 rank of the best US Melodic Hard Rock records of all time, the self-titled debut by DAMN YANKEES still sounds awesome today, even better on this crisp remaster done by Rock Candy Records including a bonus track.
Super Groups come and go; often in an initial blaze of glory and then more often than not disappear in a puff of smoke due to a half-assed work ethic and the sound of clashing egos.
This was not the case with Damn Yankees, a veritable smorggersboard of prime time American musical hard rock talent: Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw (Styx), Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and drummer Michael Cartellone.

SHAW BLADES – Hallucination [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Rock Candy Records also released their own remastered version from SHAW BLADES collaboration project debut “Hallucination“. Formed by Damn Yankees’ Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger), these two Melodic Rock geniuses created a wonderful album here plenty of melody and showcasing not only their terrific voices, but also the duo’s amazing songwriting quality. When it comes to extracurricular...

TED NUGENT – State Of Shock [Culture Factory remastered]

It’s not easy to be a TED NUGENT fan but if you put aside his political views you have to admit the man made some amazing rock ’n’ roll music all over his career. His best albums have been requested here, and Nugent’s “State Of Shock” (his last Seventies studio record) better sounding reissue is this remastered Epic / Culture...

NIGHT RANGER – Somewhere In California [Japan Edition + iTunes + Amazon exclusive bonus]

The release of “Somewhere In California” marked NIGHT RANGER‘s 30th Anniversary and it was some kind of a the culmination of the group’s work all over these years. It packs everything the fans could ask for; melodic cuts and hard rocking numbers, pretty much returning to their classic ’80s sound yet with an updated production.This Japanese Edition includes a bonus...

NIGHT RANGER – High Road [Japan SHM-CD + Best Buy Bonus]

This one has been requested: The Japanese Deluxe Edition of NIGHT RANGER‘s album “High Road” pressed on SHM-CD, plus the Best Buy version exclusive bonus track, and the regular edition bonus track.Produced by the band itself, “High Road”, is definitely one of the best Melodic Rock albums of this decade, and for many, one of the best in Night Ranger’s...

DAMN YANKEES – The Complete Warner Bros. Albums (2019)

Based in Stockholm, Sweden with a branch in Manhattan, New York, X5 Music Group is a label that primarily licenses pre-existing music for compilation albums. They have arranged with Warner Music Group for the release of DAMN YANKEES music, long time out of print in Europe. This is the just released “The Complete Warner Bros. Albums”. “The Complete Warner Bros....

TOMMY SHAW – Girls With Guns / What If [2-in-1 BGO digitally remastered]

At the beginning of the Eighties TOMMY SHAW departed Styx to pursue a solo career focusing on commercial Melodic Rock, AOR and rock&pop with the radio-friendly approach so in vogue around the time. First it was “Girls With Guns” in ’84, and then “What If” (1985), both including cheerful melodious tunes but more deep lyrically than it may seem at...

TOMMY SHAW – Ambition [Rock Candy remaster]

If one album which really represents the true Melodic Rock / AOR sound of the ’80s deserved to be reissued that is “Ambition” by TOMMY SHAW, and Rock Candy specialists have done a terrific job with it, perhaps the best remastering work ever from this excellent British label. The name Tommy Shaw will always be synonymous with Styx, the hugely...

KELLY KEAGY – Time Passes [2016 reissue +1]

KELLY KEAGY – Time Passes [2016 reissue +1]

Frontiers Music are reissuing some of their very early releases now deleted, and one of these is the terrific solo debut by Night Ranger’s vocalist / drummer KELLY KEAGY. The album, “Time Passes”, is now presented including the original Japanese bonus track. For many, “Time Passes” was some kind of a celebration, kinda the return of the very early ’80s...