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DALBELLO – Whomanfoursays [Canadian reissue ’07]

Few weeks ago we featured here DALBELLO‘s album ‘She’, and many of you asked for her previous album, 1984’s “Whomanfoursays” in remastered form. The LP wasn’t remastered yet, however this limited Canadian-only reissue from 2007 sounds powerful and much more according to modern audio devices.
Co-produced by Lisa Dalbello and the late, talented songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Englishman Mick Ronson, “Whomanfoursays” is a true product of the ’80s. While marketed as synth-pop, this is a very avant-garde concept album with a synth-etic sonic treatment and widely experimental.
Three songs from this LP were covered by notable artists: “Gonna Get Close to You” by Queensrÿche on Rage For Order (1986), “Wait for an Answer” by Heart on Bad Animals (1987), and “Animal” by German metal band Heavens Gate on Planet E (1996).

DALBELLO – She [UK Reissue / Repress]

This request doesn’t exactly match the music featured at 0dayrox, but it’s a pleasure to fulfill, simply because it’s pure ’80s: DALBELLO‘s fifth 1987 album “She“. The LP never was remastered, however this reissue sounds way better (and bigger) after the comparison with the original Eighties CD press.
This talented Canadian musician Lisa Dalbello graced countless albums / recordings with his back-up vocals / songwriting skills, but had a strong solo career as well.
“She” is pure ’80s, from songwriting to production; hi-tech / synth-pop, yet with substance.
I must admit that at the time when “She” was originally released I was into more AOR / hard rock stuff, however the name Lisa Dalbello resonated of reading it into many album’s credits. Additionally, QUEENSRYCHE covered her song ‘Gonna Get Close To You’ on their classic LP ‘Rage For Order’ [1986], and it blow me away.
So immediately I went on a hunt some Lisa Dalbello music, and oh, yeah, that’s right, we didn’t have Internet, social media and definitely no Wikipedia. Anyway, when I finally got my hands on…