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CRUZH – Tropical Thunder (2021)

Swedes CRUZH are back with a new vocalist, Alex Waghorn, and a new album, “Tropical Thunder”, on Frontiers Music. Waghorn was first introduced to Cruzh fans in 2019 with the release of an acoustic version of the song “Aim For The Head”. Now, Waghorn, along with Dennis Butabi Borg, Anton Joensson, and Matt Silver, are at long last ready to unleash the band’s long-awaited second album.
Melodic rock fans will not be disappointed with the cavalcade of melodies, hooks, and catchy songs on display on “Tropical Thunder”. Cruzh was put together after the demise of Swedish glam rockers TrashQueen, in which both Anton Joensson and Dennis Butabi Borg played. They shared a love for melodic rock and AOR and joined forces with Tony Andersson, who previously worked as a studio musician on the never released TrashQueen record…

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One [digipak +1] +4 standalone new singles (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT is the awesome all-star melodic rock project which released its debut album “Volume One” three years ago presented in exclusive here at 0dayrox. Now this project evolved into EAST TEMPLE AVENUE, who are releasing their impressive debut album today.
But let’s revisit “THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One” in this physical CD edition including an exclusive bonus track, but also the 4 standalone singles they released since, the last appeared only one month ago.
Besides mastermind Darren Phillips (songwriting, vocals, production) and multi-instrumentalist / producer Daniel Skeed, the ‘who’s who’ from the international Melodic Rock / AOR world are collaborating here.
Take a quick look; Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Khymera) on lead vocals and mastering, Enzo Almanzi (White Widdow), Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me / Blanc Faces), Philip Lindstrand (Find Me / Jim Jidhed), Michael Palace (Palace, Kryptonite), Erik Heinke (Miss Behaviour), Herman Furin (Work Of Art), Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh), Robin & Mats Eriksson (Degreed) … and many more.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-October 2019 – Vol.4

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases for this 2019 Summer / Fall, so let’s go with our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases singles. Reactivated legendary American hard rock band ANGEL including original members guitarist Punky Meadows and vocalist Frank DiMino have made the new track ‘Under The Gun’ available, the first cut from their seventh full-length studio album...

CRUZH – Hard To Get [Limited 100 copies EP] (2013) *Exclusive*

Swedish AOR trio CRUZH has released a wonderful full length debut last year via Frontiers Music. But one of you requested “Hard To Get“, the EP Cruzh released by themselves some time ago, a piece that indeed honor its name as it was limited to 100 physical copies and now has become a collectors item.
At the beginning of 2013 new Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR band CRUZH was presented to the music press creating some kind of mystery. The only thing shown was an image with the silhouette of the three band members and the first single “In A Blink Of An Eye”.
The track quickly spread on the internet and both Scandinavian and International websites (it was featured here on the blog) and radio stations played it and speculated around the identities of the band members.
A cool promotional move.

CRUZH – Cruzh (2016)

CRUZH – Cruzh (2016)

Finally time has come; Swedish AOR band CRUZH will be releasing their first, self-titled album “Cruzh” via Frontiers Music.At the beginning of 2013 CRUZH was presented to the music press creating some kind of mystery. The only thing shown was an image with the silhouette of the three band members and the first single. The track quickly spread on the...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2016

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2016

Some really interesting albums are coming next July 2016, let’s tease the fresh advanced singles.Biggest Melodic Hard Label, Frontiers Music, obviously gets all the attention. We already presented here the first cuts of cult American hard rockers Q5, and the fun international combo TRICK OR TREAT, both to be released next month. We have new cuts from both, and they...

ADVANCED SINGLES iTunes vol.1 (April 2014)

* There’s a lot of great Melodic Hard Rock releases waiting their turn in months to come, and the bands have presented the first singles at digital retailers such as iTunes. Awesome Finnish melodic rockers Brother Firetribe are back after a five-year silence and are gearing up for the release of third album ‘Diamond In The Firepit’ in May. “For...