COVERDALE • PAGE – The B-Sides, The Outtakes & The Demos (0dayrox compilation)

To complete the COVERDALE • PAGE saga here, we made our own 0dayrox compilation packing all the singles / alternate versions from the album. The Japanese Maxi-Single CD ‘Take Me For A Little While’ includes the two different versions of the song, 2 of ‘Take A Look At Yourself’ (we love this tune) and a Guitar Crunch Mix of ‘Shake My Tree’.
The other remaining single from the album, ‘Over Now (Edit Single Version)’, it’s included into the folder comprising the outtakes ‘Good Love’ and the excellent ‘Saccharin’ – why they decided not to put it on the album is a puzzle to us.
Additionally, there’s almost all the COVERDALE • PAGE songs in its Demo / Rehearsal versions. These are from a different source than the poor sounding files circulating among traders. All are taken from 0dayrox member’s vaults.

COVERDALE / PAGE – Definitive Nagoya 1993 Last Concert Ever [Japan Edition Only] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

COVERDALE / PAGE self-titled album resulted pretty successful not only in sales – certified Gold, and eventually went Platinum – but artistically also. However it was destined to be a short-lived project, something both musicians put clear since their joined for this project.
So a seven date tour in Japan, along with cameos in Reno and Vancouver in 1991, represents the total live output of the duo before going their separate ways.
The December 22nd show at a gymnasium in Nagoya is their final live appearance, and according to reports, the best of all. And now it has been released by well known and good Japanese bootleg label Zodiac under the title “Definitive Nagoya 1993“.
The sound quality is very good – much better than previous bootlegs with cuts floating around – and it’s a great document from these giant musicians working together.
Featured in exclusive at 0dayrox

COVERDALE / PAGE – Coverdale • Page [Japan Mini-LP Blu-specCD] Out of print

It’s been almost 30 years since Jimmy Page and David Coverdale joined forces for an album eventually released in 1993 as COVERDALE • PAGE, a fascinating alliance of two hard rock legends. While some first time Page fans initially didn’t liked the venture, they recognize “Coverdale • Page” is the best thing the guitarist did since Led Zeppelin.
This is a terrific classic rock album, varied, with rockers, ballads, blues, great performances and a fantastic production. This Japanese edition Mini-LP replica on Blu-specCD adds more depth to the huge drum sound.
In our opinion, an underrated gem, and a must in your collection.