CONSTANCIA – Brave New World (2021)

Brave New World” is the new, third album from Sweden’s CONSTANCIA, a band that has rotating lead vocalists for each new album, and while the band’s previous efforts were good, be prepared for one of the surprises of the year here. Yes, it’s that good.
CONSTANCIA’s line-up features several seasoned musicians, but the aces here are the exceptional guitar work from Janne Stark (GRAND DESIGN) and new singer Englishman Pete Godfrey (IN FAITH, BLOOD RED SAINTS).
What we have here is great, intelligent melodic hard rock with a great sense for hooklines; just listen to the lyric video below. And the band also adds a welcomed variation a little bit aside the expected paths like the futuristic “Open Your Heart“ or the rather contemporary and progressive “Titanium“ showcase.
An album you definitely won’t be tired of any time soon and will surprise with its quality… – Peak Melodic MRCD13 (2015-16) CD3

The new installment from / MelodicRock Records regular compilations is called “Peak Melodic” (MRCD13), a 3-CD set including tons of rarities, unreleased tracks, Japanese bonuses, etc. “Peak Melodic” is a mammoth 55-tracks compilation, of which 27 are previously unreleased and other rarities. Disc #3 features most of the new MelodicRock Records new signing artists, such as Intuitive, Room Experience,...

CONSTANCIA – Lost And Gone (2009)

CONSTANCIA – Lost And Gone (2009)

* After the very good new CONSTANCIA album recently featured here, some of you asked for their debut “Lost And Gone” released by Frontiers Records some years ago. It’s a really strong effort too, which sadly passed without notice for many melodic hard rock aficionados. For the story of Constancia, we have to start with ex-Scudiero and Token keyboard player...

CONSTANCIA – Final Curtain (2015)

* MelodicRock Records is offering a double dose of Swedish class in July, with the already presented here Vindictiv fresh CD, and this, the brand new studio album from Melodic Hard Rockers CONSTANCIA entitled “Final Curtain“.“Final Curtain” is the long awaited sequel to the first album ‘Lost And Gone’, released by Constancia in 2009 through Frontiers Music / King Records....