CIRCUS OF POWER – The Process Of Illumination (2020)

Cult act during the late 80s and early 90s East Coast hard rock scene, CIRCUS OF POWER are back in business with their new release titled “The Process Of Illumination“.
Formed in 1984 during the burgeoning New York City club scene, the band got signed to RCA Records and promptly released their seminal, self-titled debut album debut. Their brand of bluesy, bad-ass biker rock set the perfect backdrop for their lyrical swagger and stories of debauchery.
Still fronted by Alex Mitchell, the band rocks with the same vibe of their origins, unpolluted and uncompromising.

CIRCUS OF POWER – Four (2017)

One of the grittiest American bands from the late ’80s CIRCUS OF POWER, are back with “Four“, their first new studio album in a quarter of a Century due on December 8th.A cult act of ’80s and ’90s biker rock, vocalist and songwriter Alex Mitchell has assembled a fresh new lineup that includes the talents of former KYUSS Brant Bjork...