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CHINA – Sign In The Sky +10 [Bad Reputation 2xCD Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive the just released Bad Reputation Records 2xCD remastered version of CHINA‘s “Sign In The Sky“, a wonderful slice of late 80s European Melodic Rock / AOR.
To put it short, this is a cracker in the same style of Treat’s “Organized Crime”, Hurricane’s “Slave To The Thrill”, or Black ‘N Blue’s “Nasty Nasty”: a glossy, polished, hugely produced gem for the genre.
All songs are very good, melodic, groovy at places, catchy, but the star here is midtempo “In The Middle Of The Night”, one of these bass-pumped AOR tunes essential in your collection…
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CHINA – China [YesterRock Digitally Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

The self-titled debut album by Swiss Melodic Hard Rock / AOR combo CHINA was remastered for the first time by YesterRock specialists (although not printed on the artwork due to license reasons), now a not easy to find disc.
Depending the country of release, the original edition of “China” featured a different track list. This reissue include all tracks, plus the rare ‘When Passion Burns’ (not listed as bonus track though).
If you love late ’80s catchy melodic hard rock with AOR waves here and there, you need to check out this album now.

CHINA – We Are The Stars (Comeback album)

Veteran Melodic Rock aficionados surely remember CHINA, the Swiss combo who released their first two superbly AOR infused albums from the end of the ’80s. The band remained active since then with other recordings under their belt and touring Europe. “We Are The Stars” is China’s comeback album during the past decade, still rocking hard with melody. China always have...

CHINA – Sign In The Sky [Japan Edition] Out Of Print

This a request from one of you, and a real pleasure to be featured here: “Sign In The Sky“, the second album from Swiss Melodic Hard Rock / AOR combo CHINA, in its out of print Japanese Edition. With a major label behind, China flew to NY to record their 2nd album with Stephan Galfas (Cher, Meat Loaf, Stryper) producing...

ADVANCED SINGLES iTunes vol.2 (April 2014)

* As presented yesterday on the previous volume, there’s a lot of great Melodic Hard Rock releases waiting their turn in months to come, and the bands have offered the first singles at digital retailers such as iTunes. Singer / songwriter Anthony Gravley has recently recorded with Liberty ‘N Justice, and it’s preparing a solo album, highly melodic as heard...