CHAIN (Doogie White) – Eros Of Love And Destruction [Japan only release]

Many of you requested some material from gifted Scottish vocalist Doogie White, so here’s the hard to find, only released in Japan sole album from short-lived band CHAIN. While finally released at the end of the Nineties, the CD titled “Eros Of Love And Destruction” was written & recorded in the very early 1990’s.
Doggie recorded a really good album with melodic hard rockers MIDNIGHT BLUE, and with the keyboardist of that band Jem Davis (also ex- TOBRUK, UFO), both joined Yorkshire guitarist Ashley Limer (ex- VANDAMNE and also KICK) for this new project; CHAIN.
The focus was put into a more groovy, classic hard rock direction with the late ’80s / early ’90s sound, and the result is some kind of mix between American-era WHITESNAKE, early Mr. BIG, THUNDER, etc.
While a couple of labels were interested at the time, most CHAIN members opted to join other acts and the recording shelved, until several years after due to Doogie White’s rising popularity in Asia, JVC Victor Co. finally released the CD…