CATS IN BOOTS – Kicked & Klawed [Bad Reputation remastered +8] (2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured the requested Rock Candy remastered version of CATS IN BOOTS‘s one and only album ”Kicked & Klawed”. Now we have in exclusive the Bad Reputation Records own remaster released last year, including 8 bonus tracks.
These extra tracks only were released in Japan back in the ’80s in limited quantities and where the tapes that lead to the band’s major label contract. The sound quality is first rate.
When Cats In Boots released their “Kicked & Klawed” opus back in 1989 their was little doubt that they were gonna cut themselves a considerable slice of the glam pie. The album is the Crüe doing Aerosmith, with more kicks, more claws and hooks galore.
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CATS IN BOOTS – Kicked & Klawed [Rock Candy remastered] + 0dayrox extra

Requested by one of you, “Kicked & Klawed“, the one and only CATS IN BOOTS album appeared in 1989 for sure deserved a place on this blog via this stupendous Rock Candy Records remaster, and to make it better, we added an extra track, the original Japanese edition bonus.
The Cats In Boots story is the ultimate tale of late ’80s big haired rock ‘n’ roll excess. Based in Los Angeles and nudging shoulders with every Sunset Strip wannabe (including Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt, Motley Crue, and Dokken) Cats In Boots found a new path forward by developing a huge following in Japan that quickly manifested into a series of major record companies falling over themselves to get the band to sign on the dotted line.
It was EMI who won the day, lining their pockets with ready cash and a promise to make them stars. Put in the studio famed engineer Mark Opitz, the band…