BUX (Punky Meadows pre-Angel) – We Came To Play [remastered reissue 2021]

For decades out of print, ”We Came To Play”, here’s the first and only album released by BUX in 1976. The band was a successful club act including into the the line up two future Angel members, guitarist Punky Meadows and bass player Mickie Jones.
In early 1973, Capitol Records signed the band and rushed them into the studio to record this debut album. Within several months the album was complete, but Capitol balked on the deal and the band were dropped from the roster.
By the end of 1974, Meadows and Jones were signing a new contract with Angel and their debut was released the following year. By 1976, Angel was in full swing and enjoying national exposure. Capitol, sensing an opportunity to cash in on the band’s success, issued the Bux album they had canned several years prior.
The album rocks with hard rockin’ boogie attack similar to Aerosmith – it’s no surprise singer Ralph Morman, went on to sing for Joe Perry’s first solo album – and at places bringing to mind Angel without the Pomp. “White Lightning”, which later became a featured cut on Angel’s third album, is included here with different lyrics and is interesting for its historical value.