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BRIDE – Kinetic Faith [Digitally Remastered 2021] *0dayrox Exclusive*

Together with their classic ‘Snakes In The Playground’, Girder Music just reissued a remastered version of BRIDE‘s previous album 1991’s “Kinetic Faith“, a 30th anniversary reissue in fact. It was the early ’90s, and BRIDE updated their sound to polished, big sounding commercial bluesy hard rock in the vein of AEROSMITH and GUN N’ ROSES.
“Kinetic Faith” was BRIDE’s defining moment, the album which opened the band up to a wider audience. Dale Thompson’s controlled vocals and “even” approach with raspy and blues flavored parts became his signature sound. Troy Thompson incorporated bluesy rocking licks, and the songs are anchored by the tight rhythm section of bassist Rick Foley and drummer Jerry McBroom.
“Kinetic Faith” is a very good classic US Hard Rock album, and never has sounded better thanks to this punchy remastering job…

BRIDE – Snakes In The Playground [Digitally Remastered 2021] *0dayrox Exclusive*

Girder Music just reissued a remastered version of BRIDE‘s classic 1992 album “Snakes In The Playground“. While coming from the CCM scene, with this album BRIDE broke into secular listeners and become internationally known.
Formed in the early ’80s with a classic metal musical style, at the end of the decade BRIDE chaged their style in favor to the bluesy hard rock that was reigning at the top of the mainstream charts. “Snakes In The Playground” is a huge album with an awesome fat production, some kind of mix between GUNS N’ ROSES and GREAT WHITE around 1990.
If you have never owned this album and this is the first time you are seeing / hearing about it, now it’s your chance to discover this terrific piece of American Hard Rock from the golden era.
HIGHLY Recommended

BRIDE – Snake Eyes (2018)

After many years of wait, finally CCM Hard Rockers BRIDE reunited again for a new album, titled “Snake Eyes“. As promised, this new CD is a legitimate, no-holds-barred return to their ‘Snakes In The Playground (1992)” era sound.Bride is without dispute one of the most prolific Christian metal bands ever, and over the years they changed / explored metal /...