SANDY STEWART – Cat Dancer [Wounded Bird Records remastered / first time on CD] OOP

After featuring the second SANDY STEWART LP – under the Blue Yonder moniker – it its natural to feature her first album “Cat Dancer“, fully remastered and put on CD for the first time by Wounded Bird Records. It hasn’t been re-pressed, so this sole CD version is out of print now.
Listening to ”Cat Dancer” you realize singer/songwriter Sandy Stewart should have been an ’80s star. This is radio friendly rock&pop / Lite AOR of the highest quality with mature arrangements and interesting lyrics, plus the bombastic production of the era (1983-84) with Beau Hill involved.
A winner.

BLUE YONDER (Sandy Stewart) – Blue Yonder (1987) [0dayrox own LP rip]

Many of you keep requesting female-fronted albums from the 80s, especially that hard to find. BLUE YONDER‘s self titled 1987 LP is one of them.
Produced by Arif Mardin and John Brand it was originally intended to be Sandy Stewart’s second solo album but instead ended up as a ‘band’ project co-credited to her and multi-instrumentalist David Munday. Stewart is a renowned composer, arranger and vocal coach having worked with Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle and countless more, plus many Movie Soundtracks.
“Blue Yonder” is pure second half of the ’80s American Lite AOR / rock&pop, with a warm production and Sandy’s velvety vocals all over the harmonies palette.
Never released on CD and a very hard to find LP, this is a great vinyl-rip done by the 0dayRock team (thanks DR!). HIGHLY Recommended
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