BLUE MOUNTAIN SWE is the new fantastic melodic rock / AOR collaboration between vocalist Hans Birger Andersson (Fatal Smile, Token, et all) and members of the band Angeline.
All songs on their debut ”One” were composed by Anderson and Angeline’s Joachim Nilsson, obviously having the feeling from their own bands, but the aim was to obtain the sound from the classic Scandinavian era from the genre too.
And they did it, delivering a bright, fresh collection of melodic tunes. Andersson is a terrific vocalist, and here performs with passion the musical style he loves. There’s a sense of joyfulness all over the recording, and it’s palpable the guys really enjoyed working on this project.
This is classy Scandi stuff highly recommended for fans of the genre. Opener ‘A Little Bit’ is a catchy, groovy melodic rocker with a bouncy rhythm, soaring vocals and …