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BLINDMAN – Expansion (2020)

BLINDMAN are back tomorrow with a new album titled “Expansion“. One of the few acts – at least in Japan – still playing classic (Melodic) Hard Rock, these lads are really good at their game; “Expansion” rocks with an old-school vibe, wrapped by modern, groovy production.
Among Blindman’s mentioned influences are Blue Murder, Thunder, early Journey, Rainbow, etc, and you can hear that all over “Expansion”. But the band add their own spin, and as said, with an updated, modern vibrant sound production.
“Expansion” is a really solid classy melodic hard rock album by Blindman, a band that if nobody tell, you’ll guess hails from America or Europe. There’s great…

BLINDMAN – Reach For The Sky [Japan Edition] (2018)

Released at the end of 2018, “Reach For The Sky” is the new album by BLINDMAN, a really good Japanese band not well known outside Asia but a leading Melodic Hard Rock act in their country. Among Blindman’s mentioned influences are Journey, Rainbow, Blue Murder, etc, and you can hear all of them in “Reach For The Sky”, all done...