BLIND GOLEM – A Dream Of Fantasy (2021)

I would buy “A Dream Of Fantasy” – the debut album from Italians BLIND GOLEM – only for the exceptional artwork, a work of talented Rodney Mathews, painter of Magnum album covers, among others. But there’s another very important reason: the music packed inside is excellent.
Simply put, “A Dream Of Fantasy” is one of first musical highlights of this 2021, however musically inspired by the timeless classic rock form the greats.
These slightly progressive-toned elegant hard rock songs tick all the right boxes to convince lovers of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Magnum classic era. And it is no coincidence that Ken Hensley, the legendary ex-Uriah Heep who unfortunately passed away a few of months ago, appears as a guest on one track.
But there’s a much wider audience for BLIND GOLEM & “A Dream Of Fantasy” – they don’t make albums like this anymore, so well done in this genre / style.
HIGHLY Recommended