BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART formed in Montreal, Canada, in 2003, as a post-glam metalcore outfit and released their indie debut in 2004. Following the addition of Shred Sean (guitar) and Tony Gambino (vocals) they moved towards Eighties metal on ‘Pedal To The Metal’ (2008).
After some serious touring, they got picked up by a new label for their third album “Feel The Power“, where they changed the musical orientation in favor of commercial hooky melodic hard rock with a modern approach.
Whilst they band moved to a polished pop metal sound – think MOTLEY CRUE meets RECKLESS LOVE meets CRAZY LIXX melded with VAN HALEN-esque synth and guitar shreds – there are still bursts of their roots on a couple of songs, but only to create distinction.
As extra, we have the rare single previous to this release (not available anymore) ‘Motor Truck City’ where BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART rocks like Motley circa 1983, and the B-side is their cover of JOURNEY’s classic ‘Separate Ways’.
Yes, these guys are obsessed with the ’80s on this album.