BLAZE BAYLEY – War Within Me (2021)

It happens to me every time when I listen to a new BLAZE BAYLEY song; it takes me back to the very early ’80s when I heard the first IRON MAIDEN album. It wasn’t different with his new album ”War Within Me”.
A startling 21 years have passed since Blaze Bayley released his first solo record, but perhaps more importantly, it is 13 years since he released the first to bear his full name, but also a record that loudly rewrote Blaze’s musical manifesto, pushing him ever further into epic, red-blooded classic metal.
Since that point, he has been on excellent form, as showcased via the criminally overlooked trio of “Infinite Entanglement” albums, which climaxed with 2018’s “The Redemption of William Black”.
Three years on, “War Within Me” will doubtless be widely reviewed with endless allusions to its creator’s dogged persistence and perennial underdog status as a backdrop. But really this is a heroic and supremely confident traditional metal record, and BLAZE has never sounded more confident or fired up…

BLAZE BAYLEY – December Wind [CD version +5] (2018)

     The REAL one “December Wind” is the new BLAZE BAYLEY solo album to be released tomorrow. The ex singer with Iron Maiden (1994-1999) presents his 11th studio record with songs acoustically based, performed and arranged alongside virtuoso classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen.This is the complete physical CD, including 5 bonus tracks. Consisting of thirteen songs, “December Wind” run a gamut...

BLAZE BAYLEY – The Redemption Of William Black (2018)

British vocalist BLAZE BAYLEY made himself famous as lead vocalist for IRON MAIDEN between 1994-99, but since the man had an active solo career. Tomorrow March 2 Bayley is releasing his new album “The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)“.As its title implies, this is the 3rd and final part of a trilogy started in 2016, followed 2017...